The convergence of wireless technology, mobile chipsets, low-cost imaging and powerful open-source software environments enabled the smartphone revolution. These same commoditized technologies are now enabling a revolution in human-service robot implementation. 

Hands-free charging: PowerHydrant® will provide an improved automated robotic solution to EV owners for a true "park-and-forget" experience at home, at work, and everywhere. A hardware module utilizing low cost vision guided robotics, J1772 compliant plug and communication interfaces will provide the automated connection whenever the vehicle is parked in a PowerHydrant® enabled spot.

PowerHydrant® has important advantages over other hands-free charging technologies:  
  1. Conductive robotic charging is unencumbered by power-transfer constraints and can charge at rates from less than 3kW to over 150kW (fast-charge) @ 99% efficiencies.
  2. There are no vehicle-alignment, foreign-object, or EMC/EMI constraints.
  3. A single charger can be autonomously time-shared (by 2 to 8 vehicles) for cost and congestion management. Optimal sharing ensured by Max-min fairness.
  4. Simpler to Install or retrofit.
  5. High efficiency means less heat, higher reliability, better safety, and better user acceptance.
  6. V2X support assured. 

PowerHydrant and STIR